Gibraltar – The Giant That Guards The Mediterranean


When you think of visiting the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is not usually the first place that jumps to mind. In fact, other than the people with whom I travelled, I have not met another person who has visited Gibraltar. If you have, I would love to have you post a comment and tell me your experiences! Again, these were taken in 1974. The slide of the Rock of Gibraltar did not fare as well as my other slides so when I digitized it, it wasn’t possible to clean it up better than this, sadly. I don’t believe I actually took the picture of the Rock as I don’t think it could be taken any way but in a helicopter. Perhaps I bought it? I just don’t remember. What I do remember, and very well, are the rock apes. They were just as aggressive as the sign warns. While I was there I saw the apes snatch a pair of sunglasses right out of the hand of a tourist. Not one thing he could do about it!  All in all, Gibraltar is a lovely, albeit strange place. After our days wandering around Italian cities, Greek villages, Tunisian kasbahs, and ruins of various sorts, it was strange to be walking the streets of a place that edged the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and have it be as English as if we were walking through Notting Hill or on the streets of Stratford or along the docks of Southampton.  The Englishness gave the city state a charm that was entirely different from the charm of the other places we had visited.  Certainly it had lovely beaches, although they were a tad colder than when I swam in the waters surrounding Corfu.  It had fascinating caves to visit and lovely architecture to view.  But, it also had little cafe’s lining the streets where you could get a proper cup of tea made the same way my very Welsh grandmother and very English grandfather used to make.  What a perfect fusion of two worlds!

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