December Photo a Day Challenge: Presents

December Photo a Day Challenge: Presents

This is the best present of all. My daughter is coming home for Christmas!

December Photo a Day Challenge: What am I Reading Right Now and Wrapping Paper

December Photo a Day Challenge: What am I Reading Right Now and Wrapping Paper

This is my Christmas card list (it looks a little empty because I removed the addresses) which I am madly reading to finish my Christmas cards. The list and the cards are lying on some advertising flyers. I stopped buying wrapping paper a few years ago because I didn’t want to buy non-recycled wrapping paper (recycled wrapping paper is difficult to find). So now I wrap presents in coloured advertising flyers which come in the free community newspaper that is delivered to our house twice a week.

December Photo a Day Challenge: Shopping




I took these pictures last night.  I had an appointment late afternoon in the city closest to our little town.  These are people heading downtown after work to do some of their Christmas shopping.  I hate Christmas shopping in the city in December.  People there are grumpy, fighting over parking spots, jostling in the store.  I much prefer Christmas shopping in my little town.  People are more cheerful, parking is better, and it supports my own community.

Oh, and I was stopped at red lights when I quickly snapped these shots.  No dangerous driving here!