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My name is Diane Cacciato, although I write and take photographs under my maiden name of Gallagher.  At age 49 I completed and submitted my first novel, Greenwich List, and was published by Asteroid Publishing as an ebook.  I am working on my second novel, La Bastarda di Santa Genevra (working title), and a photo show called “Living Between Two Islands”, the islands being Sicily and Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.  I am a wife, a mother, a teacher and a librarian.  And recently I became a blogger.


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    • Just a short skip and a hop and a very long jump! As for getting my first novel – or rather novella – published, it’s not much of an ordeal. It was the writing of it that was the ordeal. I entered the Three Day Novel Contest. You have 3 days to write a novel. It was a marathon. I barely slept for the whole three days! I didn’t win anything but I thought it was pretty good so I sent it off to a couple of publishers. The second one picked it up but Asteroid is a very small publisher and didn’t have the budget to promote the book so sales have been weak to put it mildly. But, not to be put off, I’m working on #2 at the moment.

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    • Wow Goldy, Thanks so much! I love blogging on WordPress – it is such a community. My first blog was on Blogger and it is entirely different here. Thanks again!

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