Gibraltar – The Giant That Guards The Mediterranean

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  When you think of visiting the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is not usually the first place that jumps to mind. In fact, other than the people with whom I travelled, I have not met another person who has visited Gibraltar. If you have, I would love to have you post a comment and tell me your […]

Venice – The Dowager Empress on the Adriatic

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There is always something special about Venice.  It was special back in 1974 and it was again when I returned in 2010.  The elaborate decorations on the buildings remind me of fancy lace on the end of the sleeve of Queen Victoria or some other stately woman of that era.  It holds itself upright and […]

Fishing in Acireale

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What do you think of when you think of Italian food?  Pasta?  Pizza?  You should probably add fish to your list.  In Italy, perhaps with the exception of the extreme north, you can reach the sea from anywhere in a couple of hours and in many many places it is just minutes away.  There is […]