Happy Birthday Canada!


In honour of Canada’s 146th birthday, I want to post a few pictures of the west coast of Canada (and a couple of Niagara) and Canadians just living their lives.

Go Ahead Canada, Hate Me!

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There is a reason Canada is called ‘The Great White North’.  It is all of that.  Today in Edmonton it is -8 and snowing.  In Iqaluit, it is -13 and it will be snowing most of the week.  In Ottawa it is -4 and snowing.  But I live on Vancouver Island and today it is […]

Braving the Cold

Braving the Cold

This photo was actually taken by my dad. He was a pipefitter and sometimes his work took him all over western Canada. In 1967 he was in the Yukon. He came home with a camera full of exposed slide film. Last year, two years after he passed away, I found some of these slides and digitized them. This one I particularly love.