December Photo a Day Challenge: What am I Reading Right Now and Wrapping Paper

December Photo a Day Challenge: What am I Reading Right Now and Wrapping Paper

This is my Christmas card list (it looks a little empty because I removed the addresses) which I am madly reading to finish my Christmas cards. The list and the cards are lying on some advertising flyers. I stopped buying wrapping paper a few years ago because I didn’t want to buy non-recycled wrapping paper (recycled wrapping paper is difficult to find). So now I wrap presents in coloured advertising flyers which come in the free community newspaper that is delivered to our house twice a week.


December Photo a Day Challenge: Shopping




I took these pictures last night.  I had an appointment late afternoon in the city closest to our little town.  These are people heading downtown after work to do some of their Christmas shopping.  I hate Christmas shopping in the city in December.  People there are grumpy, fighting over parking spots, jostling in the store.  I much prefer Christmas shopping in my little town.  People are more cheerful, parking is better, and it supports my own community.

Oh, and I was stopped at red lights when I quickly snapped these shots.  No dangerous driving here!

December Photo a Day Challenge: Joyous


December 4th – So, obviously I didn’t actually take this picture today. Outside it is grey, pouring rain, and crazy windy. I can hear it rattling my window. So, instead of braving the horrible weather, I decided to sit next to the cosy wood stove and use one of my older shots. This was taken in Ragusa Ibla in Sicily last summer. It is St. George’s Cathedral, or Duomo San Giorgio. It was a remarkable day – hot and sunny. It was so quiet in the piazza in front of the cathedral – most Sicilians go home to rest in the midday. I pointed my camera up and caught the single pigeon flying past the cathedral. Maybe rapturous would be a better word.

December Photo a Day Challenge

I would like to say that this is my idea but I would be fibbing if I did.  I found this on a blog called Spoonlighting written by a super talented teenager named Picco.  She found it somewhere on Pinterest and I thought it was such a great idea that I stole it from Picco.  Now, today is December 3rd so I missed the first two days so my post today will try to be a ‘catch up’.

Here are the daily challenges for the next month:

  1. Your view today
  2. Favourite holiday movie
  3. Red
  4. Joyous
  5. Today’s temperature
  6. Shopping
  7. Bright
  8. Ornament(s)
  9. Something you’re reading
  10. Wrapping paper
  11. Green
  12. A beautiful sight
  13. Family
  14. A Christmas tree
  15. Favourite holiday song
  16. Outside Christmas lights
  17. Presents
  18. Stockings
  19. Candy cane
  20. Tree topper
  21. Peace
  22. Tradition
  23. Scarf
  24. Favourite part of Christmas Eve
  25. Morning
  26. Grateful
  27. Nighttime
  28. Words
  29. Sky view
  30. Your winter wonderland
  31. Fun

December 1st – My view today: Mallards braving the cold water at Lake Quamichan.


December 2nd – Favourite holiday film: This is my husband (who hates having his picture taken) “toasting” my favourite holiday film – Love Actually.


December 3rd – Red: Berries – don’t know what kind they are but there are red ones and white ones that show up in the winter time.