Happy Happy Joy Joy


So, I am guessing that some of you thought that I dropped off the face of the earth.  No such thing.  In fact, my feet have been firmly planted on the ground (or butt planted on the couch – but that has more to do with flu than anything else, ‘nuther story).  But I have not been lint gathering or navel gazing and I have a real excuse (if not a real good excuse) for not having posted for a while.

Three weeks ago, Nick and I took a spring break trip to Vancouver.  We had a couple of errands that needed doing, I wanted to take Nick and my daughter and her boyfriend out for a birthday dinner, and it gave us a chance to visit some friends and family we hadn’t seen for quite some time.  Before we came to Vancouver, my very dear friend, Leslie, offered to let us stay in her townhouse even though she would be away.  Now, Leslie and I have been friends since dinosaurs walked the earth.  In case you were wondering, dinosaurs walked the earth 33 years ago.  We met listening to Boy Georgeosaurus and watching music videos by Michael Jackoraptor in the campus pub. Or something like that.  I can’t remember – it was so long ago and I have menopause brain.  Anyhow, as it turned out we both ended up working in high schools as teacher-librarians and teaching social justice to our students.  BTW, Leslie was away in Cambodia with her students volunteering with an NGO that gives alternate opportunities to women in the sex trade.  Important work.  Kudos to Leslie and her students!

But back to Vancouver.  After a very nice visit, we packed up, double checked to make sure we had everything and then drove out to the ferry back to Vancouver Island.  Now, I must pause here.  For my whole life I have suffered from a serious genetic condition.  I have the “Leave-Things-Behind” gene clinging to my double helix.  I have been leaving things behind since it was possible for me to drop my soother on the ground.  This trip was no different.  We drove onto the ferry, hopped on the ferry elevator to the top deck and settled ourselves into a couple of comfy chairs.  I pulled out my laptop.  “Oh dear,” I said to Nick, “my laptop is nearly dead.  I’d better get out my power cord.”  Guess what.  Nick and I had walked past my power cord at least 4 times and neither of us had noticed it nor picked it up.  So, my laptop died and I had to wait three weeks for Leslie to get back from Cambodia and mail my power cord to me.  Which she did. Thank  you Leslie!  And here I am, laptop charged, and finally posting.  Thus my title.  Happy happy joy joy!

Over the next week or so, I think I will post some of the photos (like the ones above and below) that I took in Vancouver.  It’s easy to see why Vancouver is considered one of the loveliest cities in the world.



4 responses to “Happy Happy Joy Joy

    • Thanks so much! I was just looking at your post of the red torii at Inari Shrine in Kyoto. I have walked along there many times – it is so beautiful.

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