Remembering Meekay


Today I read a post by Shay at asizCreatives called By the “Grace” of Cat.  Head over to her blog…she is truly inspiring!  She wrote about the healing that her cat has given her and it got me thinking about my sweet kitty Meekay.  Sadly, Meekay died last May at the age of 19.  She had been with us for 17 years – my daughter never remembered a time without her.  She was a cat that was happy with whatever we gave her.  She was happy to be cuddled, happy to sit with us, pleased with whichever food we brought home from the store.  There were only two times that I saw her unhappy:

1. When we took her to the vet. She would meow like it was the end of the world, and

2. When we left her with a house sitter one summer.  She was so angry at us that she crapped all over our bedroom.

Over the years, my life, like everyone’s, went up and down and I always found that sitting and cuddling Meekay made me feel better, happier, calmer.  Last May, Meekay stopped eating.  She got thinner and thinner but she didn’t seem to be unhappy or comfortable.  I kept saying to my husband, “I think I should take her to the vet.” and he would answer “Oh, she’s fine.  She’ll start eating again.”  I think he didn’t want to admit that she might really be sick.  A few days later my daughter came home from a year away at school and together we took Meekay to see the vet.  She meowed loudly and plaintively just like she always did.  We carried her into the exam room and held her while we waited for the vet.  When the vet arrived she made a great fuss over our cat and then examined her.  She looked at us with a serious face and told us that Meekay had a mass in her stomach and because Meekay was at a pretty advanced age for a cat, she didn’t recommend surgery.  She said that although she didn’t seem to be in pain now, it wouldn’t be long before the pain set in.  She gave my daughter and I a few minutes to decide what to do.  There wasn’t much to discuss.  As much as we loved Meekay, or rather because we loved her, we decided that we would give her a death with dignity and without pain.  My daughter and I cried as we pet her while she fell asleep.  A couple of weeks later, we got her ashes from the vet and we spread them under a tree – a tree that she would sit in the window and watch as the birds would fly in and out of the branches.  I know that the uninitiated to the joys of pet ownership sometimes mock those of us who dote on our animals, but they have not yet learned the sweetness of holding your loving pet in your lap.  I’m glad that I had that experience for the 17 years Meekay was with us.  I still miss her and expect her to come running up when I walk through the door.  So, today, I am sharing with you the sweet face of my little Meekay.


18 responses to “Remembering Meekay

  1. We lost our little Anika last year–she was a Balinese (long hair Siamese) cat. She was only 5 years old. She died suddenly of a heart condition that even the Vet had not seen (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). There was nothing that could have be done to correct this problem. Like you, we still expect her to come running up when we walk through the door. I understand.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. Five years is so short and she sounds lovely. I’ve always had a soft spot for Siamese cats – I grew up with several. I guess it takes a long time to stop expecting to see them when you come home.

  2. This is bittersweet. On one hand I’m happy that I inspired you and on the other hand I’m saddened. But, 17 years is a long time to collect beautiful memories of Meekay. I’m honored to have been able to remind you of them. Thank you for sharing your story of her. ~Shay

    • She was a rescue cat. With so many stray cats around, she might have been euthanized if we hadn’t taken her home. No regrets here, but it is bitter sweet.

      • That’s great. I’m all for rescuing animals over buying from breeders. I obviously didn’t go into details in my post but, we got Gracie from the local humane society. I still can’t fathom why anyone would give her up but, I’m glad they did. I know she’s happier now.

      • We also got Meekay from a shelter – SPCA – but no one gave her up, she was a stray. Goodness knows what she went through before she collected up by the SPCA.

    • It really does, doesn’t it. We haven’t got another pet since we lost Meekay because my husband and I plan on doing a lot of travelling and that is not fair to a pet. But I really miss the love and the tactile feeling of petting and cuddling an animal.

    • I think that is so true. I was told by the vet that the average life span for an indoor cat is 15 years and for an outdoor cat can be as little as 3 years. I figure that Meekay got a lot of extra years out of her life because of her time with us and that makes the whole thing a little easier.

  3. A beautiful post – I know how much it hurts to lose a pet, any pet. Nothing fills your life like your pet!Whenever I come home, my cats are always by the door, and when I sleep I feel safe and loved feeling their fluffy weight on my feet. 🙂 I don’t know what I would do without them!!

    • Thanks for sharing that image…my kitty would wait until I was asleep and then she would climb on my back. In the morning I would wake up with her kneading my shoulder with her claws, lol.

  4. I shouldn’t read stories like this at work. We have a wonderful cat who is 15 this year. He’s starting to slow down a bit, and seems more clingy than in the past. It’s hard to think about when that day comes for him.

    • I know. The older Meekay got, the more I wondered how long it would be until the day came that we would lose her. Still, all in all, what I remember is the times she cuddled with me and not so much the last day of her life.

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