Summer Sanctuary

Summer Sanctuary

In a few months this will be my view. I work as a teacher in a high school from September to June every year and I have been doing this since 1983. I have started teaching the children of the students I taught years ago! I love teaching and I love working with students. I still try to learn and improve my teaching practices every day. But, let’s face it, 30 years of teaching takes it’s toll. I have tendonitis in my shoulders from years of writing on the blackboard/whiteboard. I have tennis elbow from carrying books around. I have arthritis creeping into my hands from all the computer work. I have arthritis in my ankles exacerbated from years of standing in front of my classes and walking around to see how they are doing with their work, and I have arthritis in my neck and upper back worsened by years of bending over papers and marking. Yup, it’s official. I’m tired. But, there is something wonderful looming on the horizon! Last summer my husband and I flew to Sicily and bought a house. Nothing fancy, just a tall, four story stone house about 150 years old. It sits on a hill in a lovely mountain village, but if you are facing the right way you can get a glimpse of the Mediterranean. People I work with were talking about me in the staffroom when I wasn’t there (I have my spies, muahahahaha!) saying things like “Is she crazy?” “She’s really lost her mind this time.” “They are going to lose their shirts!”. I should say, there were people who were excited for my husband and I. From those people we heard “That’s wonderful! I wish I had the guts to do that!” But it didn’t take guts, it took a dream. A wonderful dream that Nick and I nurtured until we could make it possible. And so, this summer, and a few summers after, we will be spending summers in Sicily. Once we retire we will spend much more time there and I will sit on our terrazza, looking at this view and sipping il cafe’ every morning.

13 responses to “Summer Sanctuary

  1. I fall firmly into the, “That’s wonderful!” camp. I’m so inspired by you for making this dream come true in your life, Diane!

  2. sometimes you have to take risks, to take the plunge, in order to achieve a dream…. now your dream is reality, and the others can only dream on… 😉

  3. Grats to you for making your dreams a reality! I’m so envious though. I’d love to travel to Sicily or Vancouver for that matter 😉

    • Thanks! There is something truly magical about travelling – I was bitten by the bug when my parents let me go on a school trip to the Mediterranean at 13 but truthfully, I think I was always aching to go to other places even when I was little.

    • Thanks! Interesting article. Scott Thompson (whom they interviewed) is the guy that did all the work on our house. He did a bang up job. (pun totally intended) 😉

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