Go Ahead Canada, Hate Me!

There is a reason Canada is called ‘The Great White North’.  It is all of that.  Today in Edmonton it is -8 and snowing.  In Iqaluit, it is -13 and it will be snowing most of the week.  In Ottawa it is -4 and snowing.  But I live on Vancouver Island and today it is 9 degrees and sunny.  Vancouver and Vancouver Island are the places that everyone in the rest of Canada loves to hate.  Especially in winter.  Even more so in early spring.  They hate us because we are the ones that call our family in Toronto and say “It’s so annoying, I have to start mowing the lawn already.” when they are still shovelling out from the last snow storm.  Or we call mes amis in Montreal and say “Yeah, I took the dog out for a walk but it was so warm I had to take off my jacket.”  Or we post pictures on our blogs or on FB of the first crocuses of the spring.

15 responses to “Go Ahead Canada, Hate Me!

  1. Ha! I love it! Aren’t we so darn lucky to live here…did you know it hit 13 degrees last friday? I was actually breaking a sweat whilst pulling weeds outta the garden…heheheheeeee Great photos Diane…thanks for the post!

    • Heehee! I think I’d rather leave the blossoms all over the sidewalk. One of my favourite moments in Victoria is when the cherry blossoms come out!

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