Ruins of Carthage

Ruins of Carthage

Just to the northeast of Tunis, on the coast, in the suburb of Carthage, lie the ruins of ancient Carthage. The political and military reach of Carthage in the 5th century BC extended all across north Africa, from Morocco to Libya and Mediterranean islands such as Corsica, Sicily, Crete Cyprus, and Sardinia.

My first foray into international travel introduced me to the magic of wandering through stones and structures that were built and used in people’s lives literally thousands of years before. It was awe inspiring, even though I really didn’t understand it fully at the time. I’m sure that my experiences of being able to touch history in this way played a real role in my becoming a history teacher.

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    • So true. I remember going to Hiroshima years ago and walking through the city thinking that there was no sign of the bombing and that the people of Hiroshima must have put it completely past them. Then I found the Peace Park. At the edge of the park stands the dome that was at the hypocentre of the explosion. It was miraculous that it was still standing as everything else for about a kilometre around was gone. They have kept the dome just as it was. It is surely a symbol of the resiliency of the people of Hiroshima.

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