Not Exactly Casablanca

Not Exactly Casablanca

Two nights ago, my husband and I were watching Casablanca on television. What a truly superb film! While we were watching it, I began thinking about my one foray into north Africa way back in 1974 (yes, I truly am older than dirt). It wasn’t in Casablanca. Instead we visited Tunis and the ruins of Carthage. While in Tunis we did visit the kasbah and shopped for an array of tacky touristy bits of junk. In spite of the trinkets, the kasbah was an exciting, almost overwhelming experience, especially for a 13 year old girl. I took this picture with a Kodak instamatic camera. I cropped it a little which is why it is rectangular instead of the usual square shape of the instamatic photos.  What I love most about this picture is the man in the centre wearing the fez.  This is what I remember most about shopping in the kasbah, the men wearing their fez and the women in the burkas.  This is the first of a series that I am planning on doing on circling the Mediterranean in 1974.  Perhaps not the best photos I’ve ever taken, but I still believe that they catch the feeling of the time.


12 responses to “Not Exactly Casablanca

  1. I love that you have photos (worthy of publishing!) dating back so far! Your photo captures the exotic bustle of a North African market. What a mind-blowing experience that must have been at 14…

  2. A round trip of the Med… new, there’s something that appeals… as you may recall from my ‘Versatile Blogger’ post… I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

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