Sadly, I Can’t Knit

Sadly, I Can't Knit

These colourful balls of yarn were dyed with natural wild mushroom dyes. When I look at these, I can picture beautiful sweaters. Sadly, after numerous failed attempts at knitting, I finally had to admit that any thoughts of homemade sweaters and I must part company.


15 responses to “Sadly, I Can’t Knit

  1. I am left handed and my grandmother taught me to knit when I was little. She taught me to knit right handed so that if I made a mistake, she would be better able to help me. Starting out and even today after years of knitting I make mistakes. Please do not give up – maybe you just need the right teacher. Make sure to start out simple – maybe try a scarf with only knit stitches and build from there. Good Luck to you!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement. I did try the straight knit scarf…it range from 5″ – 8″ in width, lol! I did learn how to crochet, however, and have been more successful with that.

      • One thing that I always do is count my stitches as I go – I do this in crochet too. Many nice items can be made crocheting as well. What if you use the beautiful yarn colors you show in your basket and make a granny square afghan. I have yet to make one of those but they are so beautiful and colorful. I have even seen them made with squares for different sizes. So glad to hear you crochet.

  2. I had no idea muchrooms could make dyes. The colours are gorgeous.
    I’m a disaster at knitting and was going to suggest you try crotchet, which is so much easier… but I see from the comments you’ve already got that figured out!
    Of course the easiest thing of all is to friend a friend to knit for you! I have a friend who knits things for me upon request, and I reciprocate by sewing for her. We both feel we’re gretting a great deal, so we’re really happy!!!

  3. Those colours are gorgeous! Don’t give up all hope yet. I started and failed so many times; I can’t even tell you how many. I think the trick is finding that “it” small project that you just have to have. Mine was a Christmas stocking for my husband. Or it just might not be your thing, which is totally cool too. 🙂

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