Central Bar in Corleone

Central Bar in Corleone

The 50 Year Project inspired me to post this photo. TBM posted a photo of The Sherlock Holmes Pub. My husband, a friend and I went to Corleone last summer, the actual seat of the “Friends of Friends” or the Mafia, and the last name of “The Godfather”. This bar, and the town itself, underscores the degree to which the Mafia has lost control of Sicily. Just off the main piazza is the Anti-Mafia museum and then there is the Central Bar. It was filled with posters from all three of the Godfather films. There were bottles of Godfather amaretto and Godfather limoncello and Corleone beer. On a side note, the gentleman in the striped shirt, on discovering that we three were Canadian, insisted on speaking to us in French, even though we told him in Italian that we spoke English and not French. At least we were pretty sure it was French…he wasn’t wearing his false teeth and it was hard to tell what he was saying, no matter which language he was speaking!


6 responses to “Central Bar in Corleone

    • I think that Sicily is well on the way. Naples is a whole other matter. The people have to put their foot down – that’s what happened in Sicily after the assassinations of Falcone and Borsellino.

  1. How fun! I need to find this place and yikes, I better brush up on my French. Many people think I’m Canadian and not American. Not sure why, but I just go with it.

    • Well, there are worse things to be called than Canadian 😉 In Sicily, depending on where you go, you could be mistaken for German, French or British. No one ever guessed that we were Canadian. And if you ever get to Corleone, the Central Bar is opposite the mother church in the centre of town.

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