Farewell Forest

Farewell Forest

Last weekend, my husband and I went for a walk through the fog to the far end of our street where we planned to follow the path through the woods. When we got there we discovered that most of the trees had been cut down, presumably for a new housing development. This makes me so sad. When my husband bought our house he chose this location because it was outside of town and bordered on a farm giving it some privacy and lots of quiet. It seems that suburbia in encroaching on our perfect little corner of the Cowichan Valley.


12 responses to “Farewell Forest

    • I grew up on the side of a mountain on the north side of Vancouver. The last time I went there I was shocked. When I was a kid we were about 3 blocks from the forest and the houses below that were on huge lots. Now, all the lots have been subdivided and new houses built and the houses go for blocks and blocks up the hill from where I lived. I don’t think I will go back. It makes me sad to see it too.

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