Castle Owner

Castle Owner

My last post was of a castle in Capizzi. In this photo, the grinning young man who is working on restoring this beautiful work of art is the youngest of the family who owns the castle. Unlike many – not all but many – of the young people you find in the big Italian cities who are enamoured of American pop culture, fashion, films, etc. the group of young people that we met who were restoring the mother church’s artwork were not just content, but happy to live in their village and to be active participants in their own history.

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    • To me, so much of US culture and life is based on greed. Not every American, mind you – I have met many in my travels that I admire and like – but the rush for bigger and better has been taken to new levels by the American money-making machine. To my mind, they didn’t originate it but they certainly have “perfected” it.

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