Shadow on Green

There is a slow-moving creek near where I live. In the summer it grows a kind of green plant with tiny, lime green leaves. By midsummer, the plants are so plentiful that you cannot see the creek below the plants. I was standing on a bridge taking pictures of the beautiful green stretched out through the fields when I noticed my shadow on the green. I held my camera in front of me and snapped the shot. It’s all about seeing the big picture and noticing the small details.


4 responses to “Shadow on Green

  1. Sorry to be a spoilsport! 😉

    That green ‘stuff’ is an algae called blanket weed in some places… no good for the environment! It robs the water of all its oxygen as it grow and then prevents fresh supplies getting into the water… you know what happens then…

    • Thanks for telling me AJ. I had no idea. I will look on this beautiful creek with different eyes now. Perhaps I will talk to the local powers that be about clearing it away.

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