Thinking About 2012

Every year, for a long time, I would listen to John Lennon’s And So This is Christmas (War is Over) and then I would write a list of things I had done or accomplished that year.  I haven’t written a list  for a very long time but now that I am blogging, it seemed like a good time to take it up again.

  1. Started to study Italian.  Actually, I have been studying Italian off and on since 2006 but I actually started to take it seriously this year.  I’m still not great but I can tell you how many plates are on the table or what colour my car is like a hot damn!
  2. I continued to do everything I could to help my mother in her decent in to dementia.  And in the fall I realized that I had to do everything for my own mental health as I did what I could for my mother.  I spent the last few months of 2012 trying to figure out how to do this for myself.
  3. Nick and I decided that a holiday in March was in order this year and we went to Vegas for a few days.  I also realized that a few days in Vegas would keep me for a very, very  long time.
  4. I continued to work on my second novel.  I am pretty confident that I can have it finished in 2013.
  5. After 17 years with us and at 19 years old, my darling kitty, Meekay, developed a cancerous growth in her stomach.  As hard as it was to do, I asked the vet to put her down before she became too uncomfortable.  My daughter and I sat with her and petted her until she fell asleep and then stopped breathing.  Goodbye Meekay.  We miss you every day.
  6. I changed my diet in 2012.  I decreased the amount of simple carbohydrates, increased the fruit and vegetables, stopped drinking pop and juice, and increased the amount of water I consumed and I lost about 40 pounds.
  7. After years of looking online at houses for sale in Italy, Nick and I decided that this summer would be the year we finally took the plunge.  We compiled the research that we had done over the years and did some more and decided that we were going to look for a house in Cianciana in Sicily.  We spent a month in Sicily, mainly in Cianciana and found the perfect house, exactly what we were looking for.  Now we are proud owners of a Sicilian home.
  8. After many years of just playing around with photography, I decided that I wanted to do more with it.  In 2012, I started to put a collection of photographs together for a showing of my work.  If all goes well, I will have a showing in 2013.
  9. I started two blogs in 2012.  The first was My Sicilian Home which is about our journey into home ownership in Sicily, and this one to share my photography.
  10. I suffer from osteoarthritis in my ankles, neck and back and I have double knee replacements.  I have been reluctant to try some kinds of physical activity with the fear that I would injure myself.  In 2012 I realized that my body could do more than I thought and I am now willing to try activities that I never had before.  Perhaps this has something to do with my weight loss too.
  11. Once again, in 2012, I took 20 students to We Day in Vancouver.  We Day is a thrilling and inspiring day by itself, but to see the enthusiasm and excitement and desire to change the world in the faces of my students is much more inspiring.  Another highlight was hearing Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak and then seeing him dance on stage.
  12. Nick and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Sicily.  We were staying near Agira in a very rustic farm house that Nick’s great grandfather built about 100 years ago.  It was a beautiful spot, absolutely silent at night and only the sounds of farm animals and the occasional car in the daytime.  Interestingly, there was an outlet mall about 20 minutes away out in the middle of the Sicilian hills.  There, Nick bought me the first designer anything I had ever owned (an Armani purse) and I bought him the first Speedo he had ever owned (Almost all Sicilian men wear Speedos at the beach).


5 responses to “Thinking About 2012

  1. What an inspiring post! I love that you leapt and bought a house in Sicily! (And that you bought your husband a Speedo – I laughed out loud about that!) I look forward to exploring your blog further…

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